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Fantasy Sports Breaks Multi-Sport Sealed Box


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Fantasy Sports Breaks Multi-Sport Sealed Box
BOX BREAK: 2 Hits & 2 Random Packs

Fantasy Sports Breaks is the best repack product on the market. There are three different versions of the product, a Football edition and a Baseball edition, & a Basketball edition. All 3 of which are exclusive to Southern Hobby Supply and are for sale to any approved Brick & Mortar or Breaker customers. Fantasy Sports Breaks combines hits of current rookies and stars with hits of past rookies, veterans, & hall of famers. Each box of Fantasy Sports Breaks contains 2 hits. The hits are either enclosed in Ultra Pro one touch holders or have been slabbed and already graded. The boxes also contain 2 packs. The packs are from previous products that have released for that particular sport and can be current or from past years and could be from a variety of different manufacturers depending on the year.


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