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2021 Topps Star Wars Signature Series Hobby Box


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2021 Topps Star Wars Signature Series Checklist Overview

The checklist promises to be a deep one with, according to the card maker, more than 100 different signers. On top of that, some signers have as many as three different cards and variations.

Besides base versions, a handful of parallels (based on border color) are also in the mix:

  • Blue – /50
  • Green – /25
  • Orange – /10
  • Black – /5
  • Red – 1/1


Collectors can also find tough Dual and Triple Autographs, both of which have one-of-one Red parallels

All Signature Series cards come already encased.

While the product is similar to 2018’s Star Wars Archives Signature Series in that there’s just one autograph per box, there are a couple of differences. Archives cards were buybacks, original cards from the past, that were signed. 2021 Signature Series cards are all new. The trade off, though, is that it appears the autographs come via stickers.

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