2021 / 2022 Panini National VIP Gold Pack (Multisport)


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2021 Panini National VIP Gold Pack (Multisport)


  • 2 cards per pack

A perk attached to Panini’s NSCC VIP party, the 2022 Panini National Convention Gold VIP Packs hold a mix of shiny cards from multiple sports. Potential Autographs, patches, SSPs (including peacocks, dalmatians, tigers, gators, giraffes & more)! All gold packs have come from sealed boxes and are randomly chosen!

** Meelypops Breakers can rip open your boxes live on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter or Instagram on almost any Wed/Thur/Fri/Sun nights around 8:30pm – midnight (EST). Please note that some boxes are SHIP ONLY and do not qualify for opening live **