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2020 Panini Playoff Football Hobby Box


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2020 Panini Playoff Football Hobby Box


No matter what approach you take to collecting the sport, 2020 Playoff Football likely has some elements that fit. Its base set has some depth for both rookies and veterans. Autographs and memorabilia cards come in several levels, but so do other inserts including a big focus on chromium designs.

Then there’s the configuration. At the hobby level, boxes have four total hits, a dozen inserts and four parallels. Retail comes in several varieties and price points as well. Retail Box Buy boxes are the closest to hobby with both an autograph and memorabilia card. Blasters come with one or the other.

2000 Playoff Football Checklist Overview

The base set checklist has a total of 300 cards. Two-thirds of that is veterans, leaving room for both big stars and some lesser names. Rookies total 100 cards, again offering more than just the top names.

Parallels draw their inspiration from the football field:

  • Goal Line – (hanger boxes)
  • Kickoff – (blasters and fat packs)
  • Red Zone (retail box buy)
  • 1st Down – /99 (hobby)
  • 2nd Down – /49 (hobby)
  • 3rd Down – /25 (hobby)
  • 4th Down – /10 (hobby)
  • Touchdown – 1/1 (hobby)

Parallels are noted with small logos, which may not jump out as quickly as full border colors found in a lot of other brands.

Select base cards also have autographs with additional Red Zone and one-of-one Touchdown versions for rookies. On top of these are Rookie Variations Autographs that have their own 4th Down (/10) and Touchdown (1/1) parallels).



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