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2019-20 Upper Deck Synergy Hockey Hobby Box


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2019/20 Upper Deck Synergy Hockey Hobby Box

Configuration: 8 packs per box. 3 cards per pack.

On the cutting edge of set collecting and technology based variants, Upper Deck Synergy Hockey returns with some of the most unique and colorful hockey cards ever produced.

– 100-card Base Set! Collect your favorite veterans and rookies.
– Look for true, tough-to-find rookie cards #’d to 20 as well as high-series rookies #’d to just 10!
– Find a deep checklist of legend, veteran and rookie autographs.
– Chase the big hit, Cast for Greatness, featuring the NHL’s greatest players on an all-metal trading card.
– Be on the lookout for a variety of inserts including Exceptional Beginnings, Impactful Performers, Millennial Impact and Sensational Seasons.
– Look for rare & low-numbered parallels of the base set:
– Rookies: Blue parallel #’d as low as 399.
– Rookies: Green parallel #’d as low as 99.
– Rookies: Purple parallel #’d to the player’s uniform number.
– NEW! Find the Rookie Journey insert cards featuring 3 unique (draft/home/away) rookie chase cards of each selected player.


– 8 Red parallel rookie, all-star or veteran cards.
– 6 Impactful Performers, Millennial Impact or Sensational Seasons insert cards.
– 1 Exceptional Beginnings insert card.


– 3 autographs (veteran, all-star and/or rookie).
– 1 Cast for Greatness all-metal card (but you could get 2!)


– Collect & redeem the 100-card (1-100) Red parallel of the base set.


– The first 10 collectors to complete the mission will receive the coveted 36-card Gold Parallel Cast for Greatness set.
– Each person to complete the mission will receive Cast for Greatness card #36!
*Remember to redeems all bounty cards @ www.upperdeckbounty.com

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