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2011 Topps Match Attax Marvel Card Game 5 Pack Lot


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Topps 2011 Marvel Universe Hero Attax Card Game 5 Pack Lot

A very good collector cards series of Marvel Universe.

Released by Topps Europe in 2011.

50 packs per box, 5 cards per pack. This card series is a combined collectors card + card game series. The gaming function is very simple, based on Hero’s attack and villian’s defence.

As a matter of fact, this card series is collectable cards series. 160 cards base set numbering from #40–200. These 160 cards features all the Heroes, Villains and weapons from Marvel Universe.

The #1 to #16 is RAINBOW FOIL CARDS SUBSET; #17–#40 is Mirror Foil Card Subset;
There are also 16 CAPTAIN AMERICA Movie Cards subset and 16 Thor Movie Card Subset randomly inserted in the packs.

Base Set (160): On average, 1 box delivers 1 base set of 160 cards. But for all other subsets, it is very hard to collect the whole collection. The Rainbow Foil cards, Captain America Movie Card and Thor Movie cards are hard to make up the full collection. It might requires at least 4-5 boxes to collect all the subsets.

Factory box: all factory box are without plastic qrapper outside the box. 50 packs per box, 5 cards per pack. Each box has a A3 size poster featuring either CAPTAIN AMERICA or THOR.

Note: Captain America Movie card subset (16) only appeared in the box with “Captain America” poster, while Thor Movie Card subset (16) only appeared in the box which contains Thor’s poster.


Heroes & Villians Mirror Foil Cards (24): 1: 2 Packs

Heroes & Villians Rainbow Card (16): 1: 5 Packs

Captain America Movie Cards (16): 1: 5 Packs

Thor Movie Cards (16): 1: 5 Packs.